Sunday, April 15, 2018

Qatar Airways, My Favourite Getaway to Europe

It all started when my friend and I planning to see the Northern Lights, or known as aurora borealis. After browsing few airlines, we spotted Qatar Airways is having promo, whereby fly-in Stockholm and fly-out Oslo for RM2,780 which consider to be reasonable and affordable cause both of these cities are well-known to be comparatively expensive to fly in and out. Without thinking any longer, instantly we click book and that's goes our "Duo Trip to Hunt for Aurora Lights". 

2016 Qatar Airways 01-1

It's my maiden experience to fly with Qatar Airways and to be frank, I didn't expect to have any high expectations for this particular airline. Most of the traveller would recommend to fly with either Emirates or Etihad Airways in case you're planning for your trip to Europe but since I flew with these two prestigious airlines before, I'm more eagerly to try something new. You know like they said "Never Try, Never Know", right? 

Well, everything went well and smooth on our flying day - pretty fast and convenient counter check-in, immigration clearance and now, let's get ready for boarding. 

2016 Qatar Airways 01-2

Right from the moment we stepped into the cabin, we're warm welcomed with its vibrant red and dark purple colour scheme seats. Each seat is prepared with a cute little cushion and warm blanket for each and every passenger. I found that the legroom space consider to be pretty spacious and as usual, I always pre-assigned for the window seat to enjoy the aerial view.
 2016 Qatar Airways 03

Entertainment and USB ports? Of course, Qatar Airways offers all these so you don't get bore during  the long hour journey.

2016 Qatar Airways 04

2016 Qatar Airways 02

As for the in-flight meal, we're served with the following:
Wasabi potato salad with carrots and peas

Main Course (Choose one out of three options)
Baked fish fillet with tomato sauce, gratin potato and buttered vegetables

Banana crumble cake

My verdict? Can I have more? Seriously, I never had the most delicious in-flight meals ever to the extend that I almost lick my cutlery. Even my friend have the same thought as mine too, just that she hasn't reach the licking part yet.

2016 Qatar Airways 01-3
Aerial view of reaching Doha city

2016 Hamad International Airport, Doha
Hamad International Airport with giant canary yellow teddy bear behind - it's the iconic of the airport

2016 Hamad International Airport, Doha 01

The other reason why I love to fly with Qatar Airways is because it's principal airport is less crowded, has plenty of seats and more comfortable than Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The two latter airports are so packed and overcrowded making me feel so inconvenience while I was transit there.

2016 Qatar Airways 05
Continue with another flight from Doha to Stockholm 

2016 Qatar Airways 06
Forgot to take pic of the menu of the second meal they served but again, super extremely delicious

2016 Sweden Stockholm 00
After 13 hours and 30 minutes of flight time with 2 hours and 30 minutes of transit, finally we reach the land of Ikea, H&M, Candy Crush and more. 

If I have another chance to fly to Europe again, definitely I will choose Qatar Airways but then because I love to experience something new. probably not in the nearest future unless another super great deal offer. So far, I flew with Emirates (twice), Etihad, Qatar Airways, British Airways and Thai Airways and I personally think Qatar Airways is twice better than the rest. At this point of time, I'm looking forward for Turkish Airlines, Oman Air, Singapore Airlines, Vietnam Airlines and etc for another journey to Europe.

So how about you? Have any of you have any of your favourite airline to fly with? Feel free to share your flying experience and I love to hear it.

It's short and brief post cause I'm currently for another adventures again. Follow my Instagram to find out where I'm heading to. 

Friday, April 6, 2018

Europe (2017): 3D2N in Krakow, Poland

After experiencing more than 8 hours in the overnight sleeper train from Prague, the train finally arrived in Krakow Glowny, the Central Train Station in Krakow. The first thing I done right after I came out from the train station is directly look for the hostel I booked beforehand. One thing I love about Krakow is the train station and the old town are located just side by side, without have to travel far away. 

Saturday, March 31, 2018

World's First Michelin Starred Ramen Restaurant - Tsuta, Tokyo

When comes to travelling, most of the times I will always prepare a list of "What To Do & See" in the respective cities/country that I intended to visit. However for the food list, I don't normally do so cause I prefer to eat whatever that's convenient for me. I'm not the type that will purposely travel all the way from the west to the east, or even from the north to the south for the sake of food adventures. 

Not until my recent trip to Tokyo lately, my new travel partner in crime is very particular when comes to food, or should I say he tends to be more picky than me. And this is where I got to know more about the prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants. So I thought why not give it a try at least once in any of these Michelin-starred restaurants since I was in Japan - it's better to experience myself rather than reading all these reviews and comments in blogs and social media, right?

To initiate my virgin Michelin-starred experience,  I gave it to Tsuta - Japanese Soba Noodles. In case you are wondering, Tsuta is the first ramen restaurant in Japan to be awarded one Michelin star dating back in 2015 which drew national and global attention. It is the only ramen shop in the world to be awarded for three consecutive years - 2016, 2017 and 2018.  

Tsuta Tokyo Michelin Ramen 01
#1: Tsuta - Japanese Soda Noodle, the first ever ramen shop in Japan to be awarded a prestigious Michelin star. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Overnight Train From Prague To Krakow

After spending more than 24 hours in the beautiful city of Prague, I proceeded to the next country which I never been before - Poland. Poland is a country in Eastern Europe with a rich and eventful history which situated next to Czech Republic. After did my research, I decided to take overnight train from Prague to Krakow. Well, it's not my first time to experience overnight train as I experienced this before in Norway last two years (until now I haven't blog anything about my Northern Light experience yet) but then the difference is, I'm taking alone for this round. It's wise to book everything beforehand than purchase on the spot.

Almost majority of my transportation tickets I bought online and for this overnight train from Prague to Krakow, I purchased directly from this particular website - the Czech Railways (CD) website It's pretty simple and straightforward to book from this website, just like how you purchase your airticket from AirAsia or Malaysia Airlines website. The train booking normally opens 90 days ahead, or even 60 days for certain routes in Eastern Europe. As I plan to overnight in the train, I chosen the sleeper with 3-berth compartment instead of couchette. Of course then, my choice would be slightly higher in term of the cost but I rather sleep comfortably so that I can have the energy to continue my adventure on the following day. Curious how this train looks like? Watch the video I uploaded at the bottom.
Praha hlavní nádraží
#1: Praha Hlavni nadrazi, the largest and main railway station in Prague which provides international railway connections. 

Monday, March 26, 2018

Tokyo for My Birthday Trip (Sneak Peek)

Can't deny out of the 40 countries I've been, Japan is my favourite country I ever visited. The thing I that make me admire Japan is because for its unique diversity. It's indeed a great country where tradition meets the future. It has everything that one could ever imagine - it's fast-paced, yet serene and peaceful at the same time. It has that magical which instantly captivate and leave me enchanted. And that's why I chosen Japan as my birthday trip. 

2018 Japan Tokyo MAS Airport
#1: Up to date, Malaysia Airlines is the only airline offers direct flight from Kota Kinabalu to Tokyo.

Four consecutive years since 2015 - Tokyo, Tokyo, Tokyo & Tokyo again! Honestly to say, I never get bored of this capital city and now planning to go again. But somehow, this time around I decided to do something different - visit Tokyo's less touristy and off the beaten path such as Kinugawa, Nikko, Gala Yuzawa and more. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Asiatique The Riverfront, Bangkok

After spending three days and two nights in the stylish seaside town resort of Hua Hin, we then proceed back to the hustle and bustle capital city of Bangkok. Not once, not twice but this is my third time visiting "City of Angels". Cheap shopping, scrumptious street food, friendly local, vibrant night markets and colourful sighting which causing me to be back over and over again.

However for my first two visit here, I never make it to visit Asiatique The Riverfront. This waterfront open air night market was opened in May 2012 and I'm wondering, how could I ever miss out this place in the first place. Probably there are too many places to see and to do in Bangkok apparently. Anyway I glad that I finally make it here along with my friends. 

2015 Bangkok Day 3- Asiatique The Riverfront 01

The best time to visit Asiatique is in the evening - start your journey around 4pm at least cause that's the opening hour. Besides that, you might also enjoy the spectacular sunset view overlooking the Chao Phraya River.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Tokyo Disneyland & Its Themed Area Attractions

No matter how many times I've been to Disneyland, yet still it never enough for me.

Tokyo Disneyland Main

In Tokyo, there are two different Disney theme parks; namely Disneyland and Disneysea. So which is better? In case you are going Tokyo for the very first time, I would recommend to pick Disneysea as it is one and only kind in the world, which you couldn't find in elsewhere. But since I've been Disneysea dating back in year 2010 with my friend, therefore I chosen Disneyland this time around. Plus none of my family members been to any Disneyland yet (even the nearest one in Hong Kong) so this is their first ever Disneyland trip. 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

AirAsia Is Now Flying Directly From Kuala Lumpur to Hua Hin For As Low As RM144

Still remember that I blog about my 3 Days 2 Nights to Hua Hin recently? Not sure why but out of so many of my backlog travelogues, I tend to blog about this instead. 

3D2N Hua Hin

To my surprise, today I came across the latest news regarding AirAsia is commencing direct flight to Hua Hin from Kuala Lumpur. The departure date is 18 May 2018 onwards with 4 flights weekly. The lowest return fare I spotted from the website is as low as RM143.90 with one way cost at least RM79 (not including luggage, meals, etc). 

AirAsia KUL to Hua Hin

KL to Hua Hin AirAsia

KL to Hua Hin AirAsia 02

If you haven't been to this stylish seaside resort town yet, hurry up and book your ticket from AirAsia website as the seats are limited. Now you can save up your time instead of taking three hours bus ride from Bangkok, like what my friends and I previously.

Here is an ideal 4 days 3 nights itinerary for those who are planning to go for the very first time: 
AirAsia KUL to Hua Hin 02

P/S: This is not an adv. It's for sharing purpose as I received quite number of messages from my friends as well as from blog readers asking how I always managed to buy cheap fares most of the times. Probably I should blog more about this in future.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Hello Prague Again!

Somehow, somewhere I feel like I'm still dreaming. I can't believe after 9 years, I am back to Prague once again. I still vividly remember if I was given another chance to visit Europe again, definitely Prague would be top of my list (refer to my old post: I'm In Love With Prague). Honestly speaking, I can't explain why I adore Prague so much to the extend, I would love to return for the second time. Probably because it's rich with history and culture as well as for its remarkable and prestigious architecture. 

After few hours brief stop in Cesky Krumlov, my journey continued with CK Shuttle which I booked earlier. Something happened in the middle of the journey whereby a middle aged couple from Thailand just realised that the wife left behind her waist pack at the toilet of petrol station. She requested the driver to turn around and drive back to the petrol station but unfortunately the driver unable to do so due to company's rules and policies. However, that Thai lady managed to get her waist pack by end of the day. Imagine she left behind three handphones including the latest model of iPhone. Thanks to the honestly of the petrol station's staff who found it right after received the call from the driver. Therefore, bear in mind to always remember to check your valuables before leaving. 

As I didn't make early request to drop-off right in front of my hostel, the driver stopped somewhere nearby the metro station. Here's come the scary moment. By the time I reached Prague, it was quite late at night. I was literally clueless of how should I get to my hostel. Luckily, I bought sim card with mobile data plan and brought along the leftover Czech crown from my maiden visit; or else I definitely cry for help. 

Where I Stayed in Prague
My main consideration when selecting for hostel to stay in Prague is to be as close to Charles Bridge and Old Town Square. But because I did my planning quite last minute and with limited budget, the one and option I have is Ritchie's Hostel & Hotel. I can't deny that the location is nothing short of perfect as this hostel is surrounded by numerous of restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops and etc. However the downside I approached was the whole place a bit worn and the staircase leads to the hostel are insanely narrow. I can't imagine those travel with huge luggage bags especially able to lift up to the hostel.

2017 Europe Prague Ritchie Hostel & Hotel

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Brief Stop in Ceský Krumlov, Czech Republic

Vienna, Salzburg & Hallstatt - Although I spent at least a day in each of these cities which might consider to be rush and short, but I glad that finally all these three had been ticked off my from bucket list. Will I be back again? Probably yes for both Salzburg and Hallstatt but nope for Vienna. 

So after spending three nights in Austria, I continued to the following country which is Czech Republic. It is a small landlocked country in Central Europe, located southeast of Germany and bordering Austria to the south, Poland to the north and Slovakia to the southeast. However, getting out from Hallstatt to the capital city of Czech Republic could be quite inconvenient as there is no direct transfer via public train or bus. At the end, my one and only last resort is by taking CK Shuttle.

CK Shuttle Hallstatt to Prague

Monday, February 12, 2018

London (2016): The Harry Potter Studio Tour London

"Miss Diana, can we go to Harry Potter Studio in London?"

This is what my two students requested when we went to London two years ago for International Girl Guides and Girl Scouts camp held in Leicestershire. Although I'm not big fan of this series of fantasy novels but I watched all the eight fantasy films instead. Plus, I thought it wasn't a bad idea after all to include this as one of my London itineraries since we had three days to explore and discover London before entering into the camp site. 

From what I research, the tickets are not available for sale on the spot, hence you need to purchase in advance and pre-book the desired time and date you intend to visit. For more details about the latest admission fee, availability of date and time, you can check out Warner Bros. Studio Tour website here. I would advise to book at least 2 months in advance because it's so popular that it might sold out quickly. 

The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour London 02
#1: Purchase your tickets in advance cause they are not available for sale on the spot

Once you receive your booking confirmation via email, don't forget to print it out and bring along for the trip in order to print out the actual tickets from the kiosk nearby the main entrance.